Brastel Card Through Brastel website you can manage your account from any computer, at any time. View your balance, call history and register, customize and charge your Brastel card.
To sign in, just enter your access code and PIN.
It's simple, fast and safe!
Check out some of the features available from your PC.


Once logged in,
you will be able to
edit your personal info
right away.
Check and print
your card balance
and call history.
You can activate the
Smart Pit payment option, and recharge your card
at an authorized convenience store.
Select a desired amount and receive payment coupons by mail.
Use your VISA,
Mastercard or DC Card
to recharge your Brastel card automatically.
Recharge your Brastel
card automatically
whenever your balance reachs 500 yen or less.
Skip the guidance
language and the
access code confirmation by registering your
phone numbers to your Brastel card.
Register up to 99 destination numbers
in the Speed Dial
memory, and place your calls even faster.
Increase the security
of your Brastel card by changing your PIN periodically.
Lost your Brastel card?
Not a problem!
Request a copy and
we will send it to you
by mail.
Do you make calls to
USA, Canada or China
in a regular basis?
We make your calls
to these countries
even cheaper!
Use your internet connection to make cheap, high-quality calls to landlines and mobiles in hundreds of countries.
View your FLIP account information and set up
a call forwarding
destination number.
Transfer credits from
your Brastel Card to
another card or even
to someone who
doesn't have a card!
Send short messages (SMS) from your mobile phone in Japan to mobile phones overseas!
Have the calls to your
fixed or mobile phones
in Japan transferred
to you while traveling
in other countries!
Order shopping vouchers
to be delivered
to your family
and friends overseas!
Recharge your family and friends' mobile phones overseas with credits from your Brastel Card!