International Call Forwarding Have calls to your fixed and mobile phones in Japan transferred to you while overseas with Brastel's International Call Forwarding service!


  1. Contact your phone/line provider and apply for the call forwarding service. Set one of the Brastel's International Call Forwarding numbers to receive the calls:

    Tokyo (03 area):
    Osaka (06 area):
    Other areas:

  2. Register your phone number in Japan to your Brastel Card and the phone number you will use overseas under the Speed Dial memory 99.

  3. All incoming calls to your fixed or mobile phone in Japan will be transferred to the number you will use overseas as soon as you activate the call forwarding service.

Incoming calls
Your phone in Japan
Forwarded to Brastel
Access points
Brastel Transfers to you
Your phone while overseas
Billed by your phone provider
Debited from your Brastel Card

  • Incoming calls forwarded from your phone in Japan to Brastel's center will be billed by your phone/line provider. The calls transferred to the destination number overseas will be debited from your Brastel Card as Free Less rates.
  • You can change the Speed Dial memory and the phone number registered to the Brastel Card by accessing your account via PC or phone or, contact customer service.

  • The service is available for NTT DOCOMO, au, Softbank, NTT, NTT Hikari and J:COM users.

  • Customers must have sufficient credit on the Brastel Card to use the service.

  • There are no extra fees other than the calling rates.

  • Customers will be billed by the phone/line provider even if the call cannot be completed.

  • Depending on the phone/line provider, it may take a few days before the call forwarding service can be used.

  • Customer's phone answering machine must be off and the phone should be set to send the Caller ID while using the International Call Forwarding service.

  • Call forwarding service must be deactivated with the phone/line provider once customers return to Japan.