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We define a user as any person, registered or not, who has placed an international or domestic phone call using an access code issued by Brastel.
Brastel will keep in its database confidential information such as records of calls placed (including date, time, destination number and charge) and payments made by its users, in order to manage their accounts.
To register, users are requested to provide name, nationality, date of birth, mailing address, email address, PIN and contact phone number. Additional information may be required when subscribing to the Postpaid service. This data is used to manage users' accounts and access to certain services provided by Brastel. Brastel will not share, sell, trade, or reveal users' personal information to third parties.
However, by entering an access code in this website or in other Brastel services, any other user will have partial access to the user's information Brastel keeps in its database. For this reason, Brastel encourages its users to prevent third parties from knowing or having access to their access codes. The PIN (last four digits of the access code) can be changed to any four-digit number (except four zeroes) through this website, Brastel 24 hours automatic answering service or by calling Brastel's customer service. Brastel is not responsible for lost or stolen access codes.

"Cookies" are little text messages that a web server sends to a web browser. When you request a new page from the same web server, your web browser will send back the message to the web server. When you access My Account, Brastel sends Cookies to your browser in order to maintain secure sessions. There is no need to enter your access code when you navigate within My Account pages during one session, because the Cookies are recognized. To access My Account your browser will need to accept Cookies.
Our website reads only the Cookies in your computer that are relevant to My Account's access. The Cookies our web server sends to your browser remain active for twenty minutes if your browser remains inactive. If you sign in to My Account and your browser remains idle for more than twenty minutes, you will need to sign in again. When you sign out of My Account the Cookies are deactivated immediately.

This site relies on security means in order to protect all the information under Brastel control against any kind of loss, misuse or alteration. We use standard procedures and processes to prevent abuse of our network and its data, such as firewall, proxies, encryption and monitoring. Access to users' data is limited to Brastel's Database Administrators and Customer Service Representatives.


This website provides the online services offered by Brastel, subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth below. The following statements apply to all services offered by Brastel.
Brastel does not warrant that the content of this site will be error free or always uptodate. The contents of this site are subject to change without prior notice.
My Account is subject to the capacity of the site and internet connections.
The international calling services offered by Brastel are subject to availability of the lines and are not guaranteed to be available at all times.

Phone number registration
If you register your phone number to skip the access code dialing, any person might be able to use your access code from the phone. We strongly recommend not registering your phone number if you call from a phone in communal or public use (a dormitory phone or any other phone line shared by two or more persons).
Your contact phone number will not necessarily be the phone number registered to your Brastel Card or your Postpaid account. Please note that we will call the phone number(s) you provide us with only if we need to contact you regarding your Brastel account.

Brastel is not responsible for the use of your access code or your phone by third parties without your consent. Completed calls will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Brastel Card payments are non-refundable. To terminate the Brastel Card services, simply stop using your access code. If you decide to terminate the services and your card has still credit on it, the remaining credit will not be refunded.
To avoid making payment mistakes, if you pay with coupons, please make sure that the card number printed on the coupon matches the one printed on the card you will be using. Detach from the booklet and take to the convenience store only the coupon(s) equivalent to the amount you wish to pay. If you pay using the Smart Pit payment system, make sure that the card you present at the convenience store for scanning will be the one you will be using. When you print a payment order at Lawson or at FamilyMart, please make sure you enter the correct Smart Pit number when you use the Loppi machine or the Fami Port.
The access code will be deleted (will expire) if there is no record of usage or payment on the card for a period over three years. Remaining credit will not be refunded.
By subscribing to the Postpaid service you agree to pay all charges incurred. You are responsible to pay all calls placed using your Brastel account. To terminate the Brastel Postpaid service, you must notify Brastel at least 10 days prior to the intended date of termination. A bill for the amount due, if any, will be delivered to your mailing address within a week after your Postpaid account access code(s) is deactivated.

Third party websites and services
Some links on this website may allow you to enter other sites which are not under the control of Brastel. The company is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in such site, as well as changes or updates in them. Brastel provides these links only as a convenience, and their inclusion does not imply in endorsement by Brastel.