Statement on Anti-social Forces

Created: 2011/04
Updated: 2020/03/30

BRASTEL Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "BRASTEL") is fully aware of its social responsibility for renouncing and combating anti-social forces, such as organized crime syndicates. We hereby declare the principal policy regarding the handling of anti-social forces, in order to fulfill the said responsibility.


1. BRASTEL shall neither have nor maintain any relations with anti-social forces.

2. BRASTEL shall counteract anti-social forces in cooperation with lawyers, the police and other authorities for the prevention of criminal activities, and for the handling of allegations made in relation to anti-social forces

3. BRASTEL adamantly refuses any unjust demands of anti-social forces, and shall handle such cases by appealing to the law, if necessary.

4. BRASTEL renounces financing or bribery in relation to anti-social forces.

5. BRASTEL shall protect its employees against any unjust demands of anti-social forces.