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If there is any piece of information you did not find on our pages or if you have any inquiries or requests concerning Brastel Services, the Help Desk is here to help you.

A reply will be sent to you by email. Please make sure to enter a valid email address and to set your account to accept messages from the domain. If you hold a Brastel Card or the Brastel Postpaid service card, please enter your access code and PIN to help us speed up the reply.

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Brastel uses the personal information collected to operate and improve its services—and take all the appropriate security measures to protect it.

If you live in an apartment building, please provide the building name and your room number.
If you live in a house, please specify the name of the householder (it is usually written on the gates).
If you request a delivery to a hotel/company, please provide the hotel/company name.
We highly recommend leaving your contact phone number or email address in case if we need to confirm the details of your residence address.

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