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To receive a Brastel Card, fill in the form below and click NEXT. A card will be mailed to you within one week. If you already have a Brastel Card, you may access My Account and register it.

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Brastel uses the personal information collected to operate and improve its services—and take all the appropriate security measures to protect it.

If you live in an apartment building, please provide the building name and your room number.
If you live in a house, please specify the name of the householder (it is usually written on the gates).
If you request a delivery to a hotel/company, please provide the hotel/company name.
We highly recommend leaving your contact phone number or email address in case if we need to confirm the details of your residence address.


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Find your address by entering your postal code and clicking on Address Search.

If the address cannot be found or the one showing in the fields does not match your correct address, please enter it manually.
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There are two methods of payment: the Smart Pit system and payment coupons. Please select the amount you wish to recharge your card with. After receiving the card you can change the amount at any time.
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To offer you a more personalized and secure service, you can register with us additional information such as date of birth and preferred languages.
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