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Created: 2010/12
Updated: 2020/03/30

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Users may be requested to provide their personal information such as name, nationality, date of birth, mailing address, email address, password, and contact phone number to access part of this site.
This information is used to manage users' accounts and access to certain services provided by us.
Through My Account anyone can partially access the personal information stored in our database by entering the card’s access code for that card. Therefore, users should avoid as much as possible to give their access code to a third party as well as avoid any act that could lead third parties to access their account. Brastel will not be responsible for any loss or theft of access codes.
The PIN (last four digits of the access code) can be changed to any four-digit number (except four zeroes) through this site, through the phone’s automated answering service or by calling our customer service.


"Cookies" are little text messages that a web server sends to the web browser. This allows our server to recognized the user’s computer, making the browsing faster and more convenient.
Furthermore, to access My Account user’s browser will need to accept cookies. The user should contact the respective software manufacturer to set up their browser.

Our website reads only the cookies in the user’s computer that are relevant to My Account. The Cookies our web server sends to the user’s browser are deactivated after twenty minutes if the browser remains inactive. After the cookies are deactivated, the user will need to sign in again. When you sign out from My Account the Cookies are deactivated immediately.


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