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Use credit cards to recharge your Brastel Card without the need of going to a convenience store and also from other countries!

Online Cards must be activated before the first use. Please call to the number at the end of the registration to activate it and start placing your calls.
To activate the card you have to dial from the registered phone (Caller ID must be sent).
Phones of public use (dormitories, hotels, offices etc.) and calls placed from overseas (outside of Japan) cannot be used for the activation process.
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Note: Register your phone number in Japan to shorten the dialing process. We DO NOT recommend registering phones of public use (dormitories, offices etc.) or lines shared by two or more people.

Find your address by entering your postal code and clicking on Address Search.

If the address cannot be found or the one showing in the fields does not match your correct address, please enter it manually.
If you do not know your postal code, search here (Japanese only).
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Set the Automatic Recharge and have credits added to your card when its balance reaches 500 yen or less.
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We accept credit cards issued in Japan only.
Please review the terms and conditions for Brastel services.
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