Prepaid SIM (6GB or 15GB) for unlocked phones
4G/LTE high-speed connection
No daily limits
Data top-up available: 500MB~10GB
Every data top-up extends the SIM validity
No contract, no monthly fee, no troublesome procedures!
Possible to use with My 050 app to make and receive voice calls and to top-up the SIM!
Suitable for travelers, businessmen and long-term residents!

Product Details

Card Type
Data Plan
Max. Transmission Speed *
3 in 1
Multi size
6GB / 15GB
download 988Mbps
upload 75Mbps
30 days
(extended when recharged)
* Indicated speed is while on 4G/LTE network and may differ depending on the device used. In areas outside 4G/LTE coverage, the connection will go through the 3G network.

What can you do with 6GB data plan?

6GB / 15GB
Page views
Photo posting
Video streaming
Music streaming
3,000 web pages
(average mobile web page of 2 MB)
2,000 photos
(average photo size of 3 MB)
6 hours
(standard quality, average of 1 GB/h)
2 hours
(HD quality, average of 3 GB/h)
100 hours
(average of 1 MB/min)

Our Agents' Locations

Information center 
Marunouchi Trust Tower North 1F
1-8-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Shop / store 
1/8 Soi Sukhumvit 39 Sukhumvit Road
Klongtonnue, Watana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Shop / store 
154 Sriracha Nakorn 3 Road, Tambon Sriracha
Ampher Sriracha, Chonburi 20110, Thailand

(Access Plaza, before train station entrance)
1-1 Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi

2-6-2 Yokoami, Sumida‐ku, Tokyo

6GB & 15GB
603/604 Shirakawa Dai 6 Bldg., Nishiki 2-18-5, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Namba Sennichimae 7-8 Tagawa Bldg. 3F

5-1 Chikko, Otaru, Hokkaido

For more information about the Japan Travel SIM:

In the communication package you get two products: the Japan Travel SIM and the Brastel Card.
With the SIM card you get the data service to use your smartphone or tablet, and the Brastel Card allows you to place calls by using the My 050 app.
As an option you can also get a phone number in Japan allowing you to receive incoming calls, and you may even continue using it after returning to your home country, with other SIM cards or Wi-Fi.
In addition, you can add extra data on the Japan Travel SIM card with credits from the Brastel Card in case you run out of the initial 6GB or 15GB of data.

Setup your phone

After activating the SIM card, please follow these instructions.

On the App Store/ Play Store, search for My 050 and install it.

Scratch off your Brastel Card.
On the setup screen enter your card’s user ID and password, and tap on Save.
You may disable the app’s GSM button to place calls easier.
Go to Settings > Preferences > Controls, disable Show GSM button and press Done.

Top up the Brastel Card

With credit cards or PayPal
In the My 050 app tap the globe icon (My Account) PAYMENTS.
You can also sign in to My Account (online payments) on your PC.
With the payment coupons enclosed in the set
Take the coupon(s) to one of convenience stores indicated on its back, hand it to the clerk and make the payment.

Place calls

To numbers in Japan:
Enter the destination number, starting from the area code.
E.g.: Calling to our customer service:
To numbers overseas:
Enter the destination number, starting from country code, area code without the first zero and phone number:
Country Code
Area Code
Phone Number
For incoming calls, please contact our customer service. We will issue a phone number to your account.

Recharge the SIM card

You can recharge (top up) the SIM with more data without having to purchase a new SIM card.
First, recharge the Brastel Card enclosed in the package, and then recharge the SIM with credits from the Brastel Card.

To recharge the Brastel Card online, in the My 050 app tap the globe icon (My Account) Payments, or sign in to My Account (online payments) on your PC; or use the enclosed coupons to pay at convenience stores.

To recharge the SIM, in the My 050 app tap the globe icon (My Account) SIM RECHARGE, or sign in to My Account (SIM recharge) on your PC.

To sign in to My Account you will need the access code (user ID and PIN) printed on the back of your Brastel Card.

Available recharge plans

The SIM will initially expire 30 days from the usage start date. Each data recharge will extend the SIM's validity until the end of the third month after the recharge. Upon the first recharge, the initial data provided will be extended to the end of the second month after the start of use. Additionally, any remaining data from your previous top-up (excluding the initial SIM card data) will be extended upon a subsequent recharge, remaining valid until the end of the fifth month after adding this new data. The SIM becomes invalid if no additional recharge is made before the final expiration date. Click here to see an example.

SIM validity extension example

6 GB (usage start)ExpirationExpiration
Jan 01Jan 30Mar 31
2 GB (recharge)ExpirationExpiration
Jan 20Apr 30Jun 30
5 GB (recharge)Expiration
Apr 10Jul 31

The example above illustrates how the validity of the SIM is extended when the SIM is recharged. For the sake of this example, we will assume no data is consumed.

  • A 6 GB SIM starts being used from January 1. The 6 GB will at first expire on January 30.
  • A recharge of 2 GB is made on January 20. The added 2 GB will expire on April 30. The expiration date for the initially granted 6 GB is extended to March 31.
  • If a recharge of 5 GB is made on April 10, the added 5 GB will expire on July 31. The expiration date of the 2 GB from the first recharge will be pushed back only until June 30 (the fifth month after January, the month when they were added to the SIM).
  • If no further recharges are made until July 31, the SIM becomes invalid after this date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I check the remaining data of my SIM card?
    The remaining data can be checked by accessing https://tr.iijmio.jp/login/ or right after recharging the SIM card via My Account.
  2. I’m running out of data, what should I do?
    You can add extra data using the Brastel Card (enclosed in the package).
    Please see the Recharge the SIM card section above.
  3. Why can’t I recharge the SIM card?
    Please check if you have enough credit on the Brastel Card for the additional data plan you wish to add.
    Also, make sure the SIM card's PASSCODE1 and PASSCODE2 have been entered correctly.
    If both cases above are correct, please access the IIJ Support website (https://tr.iijmio.jp/login/) and check if the SIM card has not expired.
  4. I’ve recharged the SIM card but it’s not reflecting on the balance. What should I do?
    In most cases, the process takes less than five minutes. After some time, please check the balance by accessing https://tr.iijmio.jp/login/. If the additional data is still not reflected, please contact Brastel Customer Service.
  5. Is it possible to extend the validity period?
    Yes. Every data recharge will extend the validity of the SIM until the end of the third month after the recharge was made.
For more information about the Brastel Card:

Brastel Customer Service

Toll-free: 0120-659-534 / From mobile phones: 03-5637-5904
Mon.-Fri.: 9:30 to 21:00 / Sat.: 10:00 to 18:00
Closed on Sundays and national holidays.
Email address:

Important Notes

The My 050 app offers push notification, however its delivery is not guaranteed. Furthermore, registering the same Brastel Card information in multiple devices may prevent the push notification from working correctly.
The GSM (mobile 0091) button cannot be used outside Japan or on mobile phones without voice plans. In addition, the calling rates differ compared to the rates using the 050 button.
Rates for domestic calls (to or within Japan) placed with the 050 button already include consumption tax (except where noted).
The apps cannot be used with Wi-Fi routers or over networks that restrict the usage of VoIP applications.
Slow internet connection may affect the quality of the calls.
Some devices may not support the apps. Please check the compatibility and requirements at the developer's website.
Devices without built-in speaker and microphone require a headset.
The apps' icons and images shown on this page are for reference purposes only, may appear different on your device, and may be changed by the developer without notice.
SIM card recharges are processed instantly; however, some recharges may take up to 24 hours to be processed depending on the network conditions between Brastel and the SIM card company. If the SIM card is not recharged within 24 hours, please contact Brastel for verification.
All product, brand and company names used or mentioned on this page may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
This service cannot be used to call the following numbers in Japan:
Directory assistance, emergency, and other three-digit numbers such as 119, 104, 110, 113, etc.
International dialing prefixes starting with "00" other than Brastel's 0091-20 such as 001, 0033, 0041, etc.
Phone numbers starting with the following prefixes: 0170, 0180, 0190, 0570, 0910, 0990, 020, 060.
Some Free Dial numbers (prefix 0120/0800).
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