Japan Travel SIM


DOCOMO's network, Japan's fastest and most reliable:
788Mbps  50Mbps
Add more data as needed:
No daily usage limits.
Same speed until the end of the day.

Airport delivery

We can deliver the Japan Travel SIM card to your airport's post office so that you can start using it as soon as you arrive. Orders must be placed at least four business days prior to arrival.

Delivery to your hotel or any location in Japan

You can also have the Japan Travel SIM card delivered to your hotel or address in Japan. Orders must be placed at least four business days in advance.

Shipping fee

The shipping fee to airports or any address in Japan is ¥550 per order (of up to 16 SIM cards). International shipping is not available.

Payment method

Online Order

Please select an airport to see the post office's opening hours and location, and allow enough time to find the post office after arriving at the airport or for flight delays. If you know where you will be staying, we recommend choosing the hotel or address delivery options.

Sundays and holidays  
Multi SIM
(one size fits all)
Multi SIM<br/>(one size fits all)

Please read the following information carefully before you proceed.

  • The Japan Travel SIM is a prepaid data SIM card provided by Internet Initiative Japan Inc. The price of the package includes the SIM card and 1.5GB or 3GB of data.
  • The Japan Travel SIM can only be used on unlocked devices.
  • Complete the APN settings and restart your device afterwards. APN setting instructions are provided in the package, though the procedure may differ depending on the device. If APN settings were not completed within 30 days after the pick-up/delivery date the Japan Travel SIM will expire.
  • The Japan Travel SIM will be valid for 30 days from the day you activate the service.
  • The Japan Travel SIM can be recharged anytime within the validity period with credits from the Brastel Card. A Brastel Card is provided in the package. The Brastel Card can be recharged by credit card, PayPal, or at convenience stores in Japan. Please read the instructions in the package for details.
  • If a package is returned to us due to an incorrect or incomplete name or address provided by you, a change of address, or hotel reservation cancellation or changes, we will contact you for a correction or a new address, and the package will be re-shipped at an additional shipping fee.
  • The Japan Travel SIM cannot be refunded or exchanged after the package has been opened.
  • The Japan Travel SIM cannot be reissued.
  • The Japan Travel SIM is for data only and does not support SMS or voice calls. For voice calls, you may install our 050 Free app. Instructions are provided in the package.
  • Your device must support at least one of the following frequency bands:
    The LTE service may not be available in remote areas.Service provided on a best-effort basis. Actual transfer rates may differ depending on the device, communication environment, and network congestion.
      Frequency bands Max. Transmission Speed2
    LTE1 Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 19 (800 MHz) / Band 21 (1,500 MHz) / Band 3 (1,800 MHz; only available in the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya metropolitan regions) download 788Mbps
    upload 50Mbps
    3G Band 1 (2,100 MHz) / Band 6/19 (800 MHz) download 14Mbps
    upload 5.7Mbps
  • A list of tested devices is provided here . Please be aware that the Japan Travel SIM may not be compatible with devices that are not listed.
  • For more details about the Japan Travel SIM, please visit IIJmio's website .
By clicking the "next" button, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the information stated above.
Online Order

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