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App My050
The lowest calling rates in the market

App for VoIP calls to regular phone numbers in Japan and worldwide

  • Never miss a call, even when you have no internet connection! Have the calls to your 050 number forwarded to a mobile or fixed phone in Japan or anywhere in the world.
  • Make calls from your My 050 app at a reasonable domestic rate, even while traveling abroad. Also, when someone in Japan calls you, they just dial your 050 number without any international prefix or country code and pay the domestic rate.
  • Make and receive calls by obtaining a 050 number, even if you are using a data-only SIM.
  • Register for a 050 number in addition to your current mobile line and separate your work calls from your private calls received on the same smartphone.
  • Before using, top up your My 050 account at any time online or at a convenience store.

※ When calling a 0120/0800 Free Dial number, your 050 number is not going to be displayed due to a technical specification. Therefore, the call cannot be connected if a called party is set to reject anonymous numbers.
※※ The My 050 Number service does not support SMS.
※※※ We do not accept applications that are sent from the same email address (with the exception of minors) or applications that use disposable domain email addresses.

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application and maintenance fees!

Only for users with a My 050 number

Fees (non-refundable, tax included):
Application fee: ¥550.
Maintenance fee: ¥550 every six months.

After we validate your application, we will issue you a My 050 number. You will receive the contract details by email. We will also give you 5 free minutes and 8 days to test incoming and outgoing calls with your terminal and internet environment.

The application fee together with the first maintenance fee will be deducted from the customer's Brastel account balance on the 9th day after the application is validated and a 050 number is obtained. Each subsequent maintenance fee will be deducted from the customer's Brastel account balance at the end of every billing period of 6 months.

Important! If there is no sufficient balance in your account, your 050 number will be temporarily deactivated, and you will not be able to make or receive incoming calls. Once you top up your Brastel account with enough credit to cover the maintenance fee, your account will be automatically reactivated. If your 050 number remains deactivated for six months, it will expire permanently. Once your 050 number expires, you will need to apply for a new Brastel account to get a new 050 number. However, if there is any outstanding balance associated with your previous number, no application for a new number will be accepted until this balance is cleared.
※When recharging your account by means of credit transfer after your My 050 number has been deactivated, the application and the maintenance fees cannot be automatically withdrawn, so please contact customer service to help to activate your account.

My 050 IP-number

Get your 050 number via My Account Page:
- Read and agree with the service terms and conditions.
- Tap the APPLY button.


Verify your identity (eKYC):
- Take a photo of your ID.
- Take a selfie photo.

Kindly hold off on submitting your Juminhyo until we've completed the initial review. You'll receive notification via email.


Send JUMINHYO to us:
[Brastel Telecom My 050]
130-0015 Tokyo-to,
Sumida-ku, Yokoami 2-6-2 2F
Important Notes:
- issued within the last 6 months.
- with no My Number indicated. For foreign nationals, it is necessary to have the Zairyu card number printed on the certificate.
- the address on your residence certificate must match the address on your identity verification document.


Once your application is approved, we will issue a number and send the contract details by email.

In order to acquire a 050 IP number, it is necessary to verify your identity with one of the Identification Documents (ID) specified by our company below.

  • Japanese nationals: Driver's License (both sides) OR My Number Card (front side only);
  • Non-Japanese nationals: Residence Card (Zairyu Card, both sides; with your current residential address);
  • Short-term visitors to Japan: Passport (pages with your personal information and visa/entry stamp or a boarding pass; applications will be accepted only after entering Japan)

The submitted pictures of the IDs must be clear, and readable and the ID expiration date must be more than 30 days prior to the application date. Otherwise, your application won't be processed.

Please note that a My 050 number will only be issued after the successful completion of the ID verification process, which may take several days. If necessary, we may also ask for additional documents or a selfie photo from you, or request that you resend the pictures of your ID in case they are unreadable.


  • We do not accept applications on behalf of third parties (except in the case of minors). To apply for this service on behalf of minors, it is necessary to submit a valid ID of the minor and the consent form of the parent or legal guardian.
  • My050 service is limited to 1 number per person.
  • When using this service, the Company prohibits the following acts from the user: using, or attempting to use, the 050 IP number by means other than those intended for and/or stipulated by the service (including but not limited to commercial use as an office telephone number, internal extension, or call center number).
  • We do not accept applications that are sent from the same email address (with the exception of minors) or applications that use disposable domain email addresses.
  • If a request for the My 050 number service is not approved, the Company's policy does not allow disclosing the reason for the rejection.

Measures to prevent misuse of our IP phone services.

In accordance with our terms of use, Brastel may suspend a customer's My 050 IP phone service to prevent abuse by third parties or to prevent the use of fraudulently obtained 050 numbers to commit crimes or acts that may contribute to a crime.

We have introduced a new user information registration scheme in order to prevent misuse of our services, and we will continue with our efforts to prevent the use of fraudulently obtained IP phone numbers to carry out illegal activities.

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