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We accept only VISA and MasterCard credit cards issued in Japan. If your credit card was issued overseas, or if you hold any other type of credit card, please select PayPal.

About Authentication Services

Visa SecureMasterCard ID Check

In order to protect your credit card against online fraud or identity theft, you may be asked to authenticate the payment using your pre-registered password or a one-time password issued via a smartphone app or by SMS. This authentication service (Visa Secure or Mastercard ID Check™) is provided by your card issuer and requires registration in advance. Please visit your card issuer's website for further information.

About Credit Card Payments

To detect and prevent fraud, the personal information listed below will be provided to your credit card issuer:

  • Name.
  • Internet browser information.

Minors may use our services only with consent from their parents or legal guardian.

I have read and agree with the conditions above.
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Three-digit code on the back of your card.

Card Security Code

With auto-recharge, your Brastel Card will be automatically recharged when its balance falls below a preselected amount. This will ensure that your Brastel Card never runs out of credit.

Is your credit card a debit card or a prepaid card?

We're sorry. Debit and prepaid cards cannot be used for automatic recharges.

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After tapping the "next" button, you will be directed to the PayPal website.

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My Payment is a service that lets you make payments using your smartphone in selected stores.

info Where to use My Payment

Enter the desired payment amount and tap the "show barcode" button below to display the barcode on your phone, then have the cashier scan it, and make the payment.


Please note that the barcode scanner in the store may not read the barcode properly if the screen has scratches on it or has a protection film. The barcode scanner may also not work properly if the screen is not bright enough. Please increase the brightness of the screen before showing it to the cashier.

The barcode expires after midnight. Please do not print or save the barcode screen for later use.

Do not reuse the barcode for multiple payments. If you reuse the barcode, the convenience store might accept your payments, but only the first one will be reflected in your balance. Always tap the "show barcode" button on this page right before making a payment.

The following smartphone device environment is recommended for usage:
OS: for iOS - 10.0 or later, for Android - 5.0 or later
Browser: the latest version of Safari/Google Chrome
Screen size: 4.0 inches to 6.7 inches
N.B. My Payment barcode may not be displayed on some smartphone models such as iPads and tablets.


Find an authorized recharging point close to you and show them the number below:

Card No. 

    Please check your credit card details and tap "Confirm" to proceed with your payment.

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    Card number:
    Expiration date:
    Payment amount:
    Auto-recharge with:
    When balance falls below: